Yellow X, Gallon, – Headlight Lens Pre-Cleaner For Coating Adhesion # 100178


Removes headlight grime and cloudiness.  Pre-cleans lens for headlight restoration.


Yellow X – Pre-Cleaner / Adhesion Promoter

Promotes Permanent Bonding of Headlight Restoration.

What it does.   Extracts yellow grime from lenses.  Preps lens by altering surface energy needed for HL Coat bonding.

    • Makes corrosion removal easier.
    • Works in seconds.
    • Easy to use, spray on and dry.

Use on all makes and models that have surface damage inhibiting road illumination.

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Item# 100178
(1) Gallon Yellow X

Additional information

Weight10.06 lbs
Dimensions4.25 × 7.25 × 12 in

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