– XTREME Odor Source Destroyer #100591


ODORXOUT XTREME Odor  Bacteria Destroyer – Intense Vapor Formula for DEEP Cleaning



Odor Removal

Odor source Destroyer – Intense CLO2 Vapor Formula

        • No water needed, Ready to use.
        • Dispense equal amounts into plastic cup and leave in an unoccupied area.
        • Permanently removes odors by oxidizing the source.
        • Odor won’t return.
        • Hypo-allergenic, fragrance free and earth friendly.
        • Destroys odor causing bacteria instantly.
        • Attacks odor causing molds & mildew for a deep clean.
        • Can be used in AC ducts, cars, homes, offices, locker rooms, boats, RVs.
        • High strength formula out-performs deodorizing tablets.
        • Eliminates the strongest foul odors and it’s sources for up to 1600 sqft or cars 


(1) 8oz. OdorXout XTREME Part A
(1) 8oz. OdorXout XTREME Part B

Item # 100915

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Additional information

Weight1.19 lbs
Dimensions3 × 3 × 8.25 in