Fusion Clear, 8oz – Restorative Wipe-on Coating #100016-8


The ultimate in paint scratch surface repair with out removing clear coat. Rapidly repair and protect with our wipe-on wipe-off formula.


The New & Improved Wipe-on coating for Automotive Paint Scratch Repair 


P A T E N T   P E N D I N G





The Ultra Hybrid replacement for Color Enhancer allows technicians to quickly make more profits. Fill deeper damage with increased UV and weather resistance protection.

Infuse paint surface scratches, pits and other minor abrasions on multiple surfaces curing to a hard coat without removing your clear coat.

Unlike other Wipe-on Clear Coats you can minimize scratches quickly and permanently outdoors without the need of a dust free space.

Product Benefits:

Minimizes Paint Damage
Repairs minor scratches.
Eliminates the need to buff.
Works on all paint colors.
Dries glossy.
Wipe on and off
Dries hard to the touch.
Will not wash away.
No Sanding required.
Fills in minor scratches
Apply with or without your Touch UP paint.
Repair pits and other minor small abrasions.
Protects with automotive grade UV blockers.

Item# 100016-8
(1) 8oz. Fusion Clear

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Additional information

Weight1.07 lbs
Dimensions4 × 4 × 10 in

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