Dvelup Promo Detail Package #100798


Promo package includes products that clean, enhance, protect, and shines your vehicle.


Dvelup Promo Detail Package

Professional Products to Clean, Enhance & Protect.

    • Diamond Suds + wax – Car Shampoo: Provides ultra foaming action to lift dirt and provide lubricity for less micro scratching.
    • Invisible Rain – Water Beading Glass Treatment: Superior Driving Visibility In All Weather.
    • Pro D Clean FastMulti Surface Degreaser Cleaner: Concentrated formula attacks grease and grime with a vengeance.
    • SILICONE BASED CLEANER AND SHINER: Enhances, shines and prevents materials from aging, as it creates a protective silicone layer.
    • OdorXout – Automotive Odor & Source Removal:  Eliminates the strongest of foul odors and the sources that cause them so they don’t return.

Item# 100798
Each Kit Includes:
(1) 16oz Diamond Suds +wax
(1) 16oz Pro D Clean Fast
(1) 12oz Silicone Cleaner Shiner
(1) 16oz OdorXout
(1) 7oz Invisible Rain Glass Treatment
(2) Microfiber Towels

Additional information

Weight5 lbs
Dimensions8 × 5 × 7.8 in