DIY Coating Kit with Perpetuus

Complete Headlight Restoration Kit for the Do It Your Selfer or curious professional.

What it does – Use on weathered yellow or cloudy headlight lenses. It will correct surface failure by removing corrosion, restoring clarity and providing a factory like finish.

Main products – Yellow X and HL Lens Coat. Yellow X is an agent used in corrosion removal from lenses, prepping the area for application of HL Lens Coat. Preps lens by altering surface energy needed for HL Lens Coat bonding. HL Lens Coat is a single part protective coating that provides a factory like crystal clear finish. It’s wipe on formula self levels. No masking, spraying or special curing equipment needed.

Dries hard to the touch, will not wash away.
Formulated for accelerated curing with heat.
Formulated with Perpetuus for years of protection.
Easy, no spill application bottle tip.
Use on all makes and models that have surface damage inhibiting road illumination.